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Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are whitened without chlorine and contain no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances.  Per their website, their ingredients are listed as follows: 

Water, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-derived cleaning agent), glycerin (vegetable oil derived), citric acid (provides stability and pH balance), aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate), potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (food-grade preservatives).

The wipe material used in this product is a blend of rayon (naturally derived) and polyester (PET).

For those concerned with the usage of Sodium Benzoate in baby wipes, Seventh Generation has stated the following on their website:

Because some of our formulas contain sodium benzoate and citric acid, we conduct thorough testing to determine if benzene is being formed in products that contain both ingredients. The results of these tests show that there is no detectable benzene in Seventh Generation for the Wee Generation Baby Personal Care products that contain both sodium benzoate and citric acid.

We have never used any other wipe brand so we cannot provide a comparison.  From reading reviews of other products, I believe more wipes are typically used with Seventh Generation as they are not as moist as the other brands.  This has never been an issue for us and I prefer to have the wipes a bit dryer – it helps to keep baby drier before you re-diaper. Check out Seventh Generation Baby Wipes on!

Update: As of January 2013, it looks like there is a new formulation of these wipes and the comments online indicate that they are now much wetter. As we’ve now moved onto potty training, we’re not using wipes anymore but I purchased a pack recently just to see the difference. They are wetter but not as wet as some of the huggies/pampers brands I’ve seen and they are a bit coarser than the original product. The wipes are thicker so you can get away with using less with this formulation but the downside is that the thicker ones are a bit coarser. 

Spring 2013 Update:  Seventh Generation will be bringing back the old wipes formulation.  Per the statement below from their website they will be available mid-summer!


Seventh Generation is bringing back our Original Baby Wipes so many of you have missed. They will be available in mid summer; if you would like to be informed, please sign up for our newsletter.


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