BPA Free Bath Toys

Sassy Bath Toys –

We purchased the Sassy line of BPA free bath toys for our child at around 9 months of age. The Soft Swimmers and the null were big wins when our little guy was 9-12 months old and the Boat Pull and Go toy was more of a hit when he got a bit older as he wasn’t a huge fan of the noise it made initially. Check out Sassy Bath Toys on Amazon.com!



Green Toys Bath Line

Green Toys Tugboat

One of our first bath toys was the Green Toys Tugboat.  Although we purchased it when our child was very young, the boat really started to be used when he graduated to the ‘big tub’ at 18 months as there wasn’t enough room for all the toys in the Primo Eurobath.  The Green Toys line is made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers and do not contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC or external coatings. Check out Green Toys My First Tugboat on Amazon.com!


Green Toys Submarine

Green Toys has added a submarine to their line of toys.  This cool underwater vehicle has a moving rear propeller and portholes. Check out the Green Toys Submarine on Amazon.com!


Green Toys Seaplane

The Green Toys Seaplane is a more recent addition to their toy line.  This plane has a spinning propeller and large pontoons to enable it to float in the bath. Check out the Green Toys Seaplane on Amazon.com!

The Green Toys boats can be washed in the dishwasher which makes them super easy to clean.  These boats have been a big hit during bath time!



Nova Natural Wooden Boats

Nova Natural is a company that provides natural toys and crafts for children. They work with small businesses and artisans to provide safe, natural, sustainable toys. They offer wooden bath toys that come from the USA and Germany and are made of pine with natural oil finishes. Check out Peg’s Paddleboat and the Little Sailboat toys on NovaNatural.com!


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