BPA Free Ice Pop Molds

After finding some really great yogurt & fruit popsicle recipes, I wanted to buy molds that were BPA & Phthalate free.  I short listed the options available based on reviews and popularity and in the end we decided on the Orka by Mastrad Ice Pop Molds. These molds are made of Silicone and Polypropylene and are confirmed BPA and Phthalate free according Mastrad’s response back to me. They are made in China which I was trying to avoid but most of the other popsicle mold options were manufactured in China as well and Orka’s product had features which made them a winner over the other options!

First off, I love the design of the mold which looks like a soft serve ice cream cone – the twisted design is fantastic and very appealing! Another bonus is that Orka claims that the silicone tabs on these ice pop molds allow the ice treat to easily pop out of the mold without the need to run under warm water. Now that I’ve been using them, I can remove them without warm water but it is not as simple as pulling back a small tab – I had to slowly pull the entire silicone mold off but I may be doing this incorrectly!

The last and probably most important factor for me was the size of these ice pop molds. As the average mold holds 3oz, each Orka mold only holds 1.86oz which is much smaller and better for preschool size portions. After using them a few times, we love the look of our treats and the safety of being BPA & Phthalate free. These are a hit in our house! Check Out Orka Ice Pop Molds on Amazon.com!

For reference, the following is a list of the other ice pop molds I researched with the reasons why we didn’t choose them over the Orka pops!

Kinderville Ice Pop Molds – These pop molds are also made of silicone and are BPA & Phthalate free as well as made in China. They have a great no drop option as they are a push mold so the popsicle melts back into the mold itself. Numerous reviews indicated that these leak if anything too juicy is place in the mold and they hold 3.5oz which was just too large for us.

Leuke Kid Pops – These “push up” pop molds are made of silicone and based on reviews, do not leak even with very juicy popsicles compared to the Kinderville molds. I haven’t heard back from the company after contacting them to confirm whether or not the product is BPA & Phthalate free, their size and where they are manufactured. I will update if I hear back from them with the information. These pops are not found on amazon but can be purchased directly on the Leuke website.

Tovolo Ice Pop Molds – Descriptions of these pop molds indicate that they are made of BPA free plastic but I haven’t heard back from the company after contacting them to confirm their BPA free status and verify if they are also Phthalate free. I also inquired as to where they are manufactured as I couldn’t find this information online. I will update if I hear back from them with the information. They received mostly great reviews online (some indicated they were difficult to get the popsicle out of the mold) but they hold 3oz which is larger than the Orka pop molds so between their size and the lack of response, we didn’t end up choosing these.

Onyx Stainless Steel Pops – Stainless Steel pop molds were at the top of our list initially as I try and avoid plastic as much as possible. These are confirmed BPA, Phthalate & Lead free and they are manufactured in Hong Kong – their customer service team responded extremely fast to my inquiry. However, after reading a number of online reviews stating that pieces of metal were found in the ice pops after removal from the mold (the pieces were coming off the seams of the mold), I clearly decided against these. These molds look large although after deciding against them for safety reasons, I didn’t inquire as to their size (couldn’t find this online).

Freezycup – Freezycup offers another stainless steel option that is also BPA, Phthalate and Lead free. These pop molds are manufactured in China. They are sold individually and can hold 3.5oz which is large. I have not been able to find reviews of the Freezycup so couldn’t confirm if they also have an issue with metal pieces coming loose. With not being able to confirm this from other users, I decided against this stainless steel option as well. Note that for both stainless steel options wooden sticks are needed for each use so that may be a no go for some.


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