BPA Free Sand Toys

Green Toys Sand Play Set –

We purchased the Green Toys Sand Play Set for our little guy’s first birthday and he used it at home, at the park and the beach.  We decided to take away the rake that came with the set in case he mistakenly pushed the rake near his face but otherwise, the set was used extensively starting at just under 1 year old (recommended age is 18+ months). Check out the Green Toys Sand Play Set on Amazon.com!


Viking Chubbies

By chance, I found the Viking Toys Chubbies line of toys when looking for the next stage of sand toys for my little guy.  The chubbies sets include cars, trucks, trains, helicopters and airplanes.  The small plastic cars are made in Thailand and are BPA and phthalate free. They can be washed in the dishwasher and due to their simple design, there is no space for water or dirt to get trapped.  Although they started out as primarily sand toys, they are now used outside for racing as our child has gotten older. Check out Viking Chubbies on Amazon.com!

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