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We transitioned our son his first straw cup with the Lollacup. The cup is designed, manufactured and packaged in southern California and is BPA and Phthalate free. The straw is valve free and weighted which enables kids as young as 9 months to drink from the straw effectively even when the cup is tipped. We only transitioned at 15 months to a straw cup but if we had found this earlier, would likely have transitioned straight to this cup versus the sippy cup.

The handles are great for kids this young and the design is very cute. The only drawback was that the handles are so wide, the cup wouldn’t fit in our stroller cup holder. The handles are removable but then our son couldn’t drink from it without assistance so we always wanted the handles. The cup is also not spill proof – the point of this cup is to make it easier to sip from a straw and uses a valve free design. Check out the Lollacup on Amazon.com!

Since we have purchased and used this cup, there are now straw replacements available which is a great feature as kids this age are still teething and straws do need to be replaced. It was an issue for us to have to replace the entire cup but that issue no longer exists. Check out the Lollacup Straw Replacements on Amazon.com!


Born Free Twist N’ Pop Straw Cup

After our little guy mastered drinking from a straw with the Lollacup, we looked for the next stage model which was spill proof with no handles so that we could easily take it everywhere and it would fit in our stroller cup holder. The winner hands down has been the Born Free Twist N’ Pop Straw Cup. It is BPA free and is 14oz which holds a huge amount of liquid! It comes with a removable twist cap which keeps the straw clean and prevents spills. We have packed this cup to go everywhere with us and we have never had a spill. Check out the BornFree Twist ‘Pop Straw Cup on Amazon.com!

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