BPA Free Toddler Cups

Munchkin Five Multi Cups –

We purchased the Munchkin Multi Cups or “big boy” cups as we called them when our son was 15 months old. We started to practice sipping from cups but it was only closer to the age of 2 when he really got the hang of it and most of the contents weren’t spilling all over the floor! Munchkin products are made in China but are Phthalate, BPA, Nitrosamine, Latex and PVC free. My little guy loved how colorful these cups were! Check out Munchkin Multi Cups on Amazon.com!


Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Cups

We transitioned from the Munchkin Multi Cups to the Sanctus Mundo/Life Without Plastic lead-free stainless steel cups when our son was close to 3 and far past the phase of dropping cups on the floor!  I chose this brand for a couple of reasons – the first being that they are made in Thailand vs. China and secondly, due to reviews of other stainless steel cups edges being a bit too sharp for toddlers.  These cups are great – they keep drinks chilled for longer and are the perfect size for milk at meal time too!  Check them out on MightyNest!

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