BPA Free Toddler Toys

Green Toys Chef Set –

Our little guy needed some cookware to be able to cook his fruits and vegetables so when we saw that one of our favorite toy lines had cookware, we purchased the Green Toys Chef Set.  The set has been fantastic but the one caveat is that the frying pan is very small.  It works well for our smaller wooden food but if you do decide to buy plastic food which is larger, it likely won’t fit in the Green Toys frying pan. Check out the Green Toys Chef Set on Amazon.com!


Green Toys Tool Set

The Green Toys Tool Set is recommended for ages 2+ although we did buy this for our little guy when he was a bit older than 1.  We just removed the smaller nut, nail and bolt pieces and gave him the larger tools and box to play with.  It is a great first sturdy tool set and comes with a tool box, saw, wrench, pliers, hammer, phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, 2 two-hole connectors, 2 bolts, 2 nails and 2 nuts. Check out the Green Toys Tool Set on Amazon.com!


Schleich versus Bullyand Animal Figures

Schleich manufactures such a realistic looking line of animal toys but they are now manufacturing products in China, Portugal and Tunisia in addition to Germany where the company is based.  There is no way to tell when ordering online where the toy was manufactured but all of the ones we’ve purchased so far (including the Schleich North America line) have been marked as made in China which has been a disappointment for the high cost of the toys.

We found the Bullyland line of animal toys which are also very realistic and these are hand made in Germany from PVC free plastic.  The one issue is that the line isn’t as extensive as Schleich so the animal you are looking for may not be available, but we do try to find what we’re looking for within this brand now. Check out the Bullyland Lion on Amazon.com!


Gymnic Rody Horse

We purchased the Gymnic Rody Horse for our child when he was 18 months old since he loved riding it at a friend’s house.  It is made in Italy from super strong latex-free soft vinyl with no phthalates.  There is a pump that is for sale on amazon for use with the Gymnic Rody Horse (although not sold by the company) which we didn’t purchase but we had a hard time getting the horse inflated fully with our existing pump.  Most toy stores carry the Rody Horse so I would suggest buying it inflated as I can’t vouch for how good the pump is offered online.

He really enjoyed it until he was a little past his 2nd birthday and then he lost interest, so although the recommended age is 3+, younger ones can ride it too – just remember to spot your little one for possible falls. Check out the Gymnic Rody Horse on Amazon.com!

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