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BPA Free Ice Pop Molds

After finding some really great yogurt & fruit popsicle recipes, I wanted to buy molds that were BPA & Phthalate free.  I short listed the options available based on reviews and popularity and in the end we decided on the Orka … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle

With sports activities and general “on the go” activities, our little guy needed a water bottle which did not have a hard straw like the Born Free cup we’ve been using.  I looked into stainless steel options and could not … Continue reading

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BPA Free Lunch Box

When our son was a toddler, I always seemed to find myself carrying various snack bowls filled with food in a cooler bag when we were out for lunch or dinner.  I ended up taking a bag that was larger … Continue reading

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BPA Free Straw Cups

Lollacup – We transitioned our son his first straw cup with the Lollacup. The cup is designed, manufactured and packaged in southern California and is BPA and Phthalate free. The straw is valve free and weighted which enables kids as … Continue reading

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BPA Free Toddler Cups

Munchkin Five Multi Cups – We purchased the Munchkin Multi Cups or “big boy” cups as we called them when our son was 15 months old. We started to practice sipping from cups but it was only closer to the … Continue reading

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Is Your Toddler Getting The Right Nutrition?

As each stage of our child’s growth and development, I wanted to have a good guideline on what children his age should be eating.  Although most pediatricians give guidelines, I found them (and still find them in the toddler years) … Continue reading

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Lead Free Dishes

As we were researching baby products for safety and toxicity, it occurred to us that we were eating on dinnerware that was made in China which may or may not contain lead. Although we loved our various sets, we decided … Continue reading

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BPA Free Snack Container

Nuk Gerber Bunch a Bowls with Lids – When packing up snacks, we used the Nuk Gerber Bunch a Bowls.  The BPA free bowls have lids with tight seals so we’ve never had an issue with any food escaping.  The … Continue reading

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