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The Quest For A Toxin Free Home

No, toxin free house hunting isn’t a product recommendation but it’s a topic that I feel strongly about since we are currently looking for a home in another state and doing everything we can to ensure a healthy home is a must.  I … Continue reading

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Baby and Toddler Ear Protection

Peltor Junior Kids Earmuffs – As I’ve been concerned with extremely loud noises and their potential effect on hearing since our child was a baby, I decided to purchase Peltor Junior Kids Earmuffs and we’ve been really pleased with them.  … Continue reading

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How Safe Are Your Toys?

At Home Lead Testing – Although we were very vigilant in selecting organic, non-toxic toys for our child, after reading the article written by on toy toxicity, we decided to double check certain toys in our home.  We purchased 3M Lead Check Swabs … Continue reading

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How Toxic Is Your Car Seat?

Safer Car Seat Options – In 2011, performed testing that revealed the presence of toxic fire retardant chemicals in 44% percent of the 2011 car seats tested (results here). And more than half (60%) of the infant car seats … Continue reading

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Are Your Baby’s Toys Too Loud?

An annual Noisy Toys List is published by the Sight and Hearing Association which lists toys that can cause hearing loss.  In addition to toys, items such as nursery sleep sound machines have been found to exceed recommended noise limits … Continue reading

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