How Safe Are Your Toys?

At Home Lead Testing –

Although we were very vigilant in selecting organic, non-toxic toys for our child, after reading the article written by on toy toxicity, we decided to double check certain toys in our home. 

We purchased 3M Lead Check Swabs as they are EPA recognized, non-toxic and provide instant results.  We performed testing when our child was 6 months old as this is when we started accumulating many more toys and products.  We were pleased to find all test results negative!  In addition to toys, the swabs can be used on dishware and other items that may be of concern to you. Check out 3M LeadCheck Swabs on!

We rely on regulatory standards and thorough testing to ensure toys are safe for our children. However, we need to stay aware of the regulatory standards here in the US as they differ from those in Canada and the EU. For example, a few Melissa and Doug products were recalled in 2009 in Canada due to excessive levels of Barium and those same toys were permitted to be sold here in the US. More information on that particular recall can be found in the article “Melissa & Doug Face Canadian Toy Recall” by Mother Nature Network.

A method to stay on top of product safety concerns is to regularly check the Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls listing. You can also report an unsafe product to them via the website so that they can take action.


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