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Naturepedic Organic Cotton Toddler Pillow & Junior Pillowcase –

We chose the Naturepedic brand for our child’s organic mattress and also for a toddler pillow and pillowcase. They offer a number of options, but we decided on the Organic Cotton/PLA pillow and organic toddler pillowcase. Their pillows contain 100% PLA (plant derived renewable fiber) filling, and 100% organic cotton dust mite barrier fabric (300 thread count weave impenetrable by dust mites and other allergens). We chose this filling over the Kapok option as it is machine washable and while our child is this young, we felt that we would need this option!

Kapok is a popular eco-filling for pillows as it is a vegetable-based fiber from the seed of the Kapok tree. It is hypoallergenic, water and mold resistant and quick drying. The downside to the Kapok pillow is that this is not machine washable but if you are introducing it as they get a bit older, there is less risk that there is an issue (wetting the bed, etc).

Organic Designs Organic Cotton Toddler Pillow & Pillowcase

As of 2014 there is another organic option for toddler pillows & pillow cases! Organic Designs is an American mom-founded company. Their toddler pillows and pillow cases are constructed with 100% certified organic cotton fabric and batting and are made in the USA!

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