BPA Free Pacifier

MAM Pacifier –

Our child did use a pacifier while sleeping and we chose the MAM product line which does not contain BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Lead or softening agents. 

Choosing Latex or Silicone?

We chose the orthodontic silicone pacifier from MAM as latex can leach carcinogenic nitrosamines.  Per the MAM website:

Nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances are chemicals that are found in such things as fried bacon, smoked meat and rubber products – like latex nipples. Sucking on a pacifier can release small amounts of nitrosamines. – Latex, however, contains far fewer nitrosamines than grilled meat or cosmetic products for example. MAM supports healthy development for babies: this is why all our raw materials are strictly controlled to ensure they have the lowest possible Nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances value.

At production all nipples are ‘leached’. Explained simply, this means that with a special method they are washed for 48 hours. This ‘leaching’ removes the majority of the nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances. At the same time also reducing the risk of a latex allergy.

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