BPA and PVC Free Babyproofing

When one of my favorite websites, Healthy Child Healthy World, asked for suggestions on green babyproofing, I realized I hadn’t done a posting on this (better late than never)!  When your little ones are starting to get mobile, it’s time to babyproof your home to ensure that they can’t access any unsafe items.  Back when my little guy was a baby, I ordered furniture corner guards among many other items.  When the corner guards arrived, the packaging indicated that they contained PVC and the smell was absolutely horrible when I opened the package.  Needless to say that product was returned immediately.  I then found a fantastic company which offers BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate free babyproofing items!

From cabinet closures to furniture corner guards, Rhoost offers babyproofing products that are non-toxic and 100% recyclable.  The company was started by two moms who couldn’t find such products on the market for their children and decided to start their own company.  I love supporting companies founded by moms who are doing their part in providing healthier products for all children! Check out Rhoost Edge Table Corner Protectors and other Rhoost items on Amazon.com!

While you are securing areas in your home, also consider replacing cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals with healthier options or better yet, make your own!  Dust frequently since studies have shown that a large percentage of households have flame retardant chemicals in their dust from upholstered furniture.  Little ones crawling around the floors and pulling themselves up onto windowsills are around a home’s dustiest areas.  For more great tips, check out Healthy Child Healthy World’s article “Top Greenproofing Tips“.  

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