Safe, Non-Toxic Nap Mats

Did you know that in December 2012, the Center for Environmental Health initiated legal action against retailers and suppliers of nap mats for unlabeled products containing the flame retardant chemical Tris?

In recent testing, 22 of 24 foam-containing nap mats contained at least one chemical flame retardant.  Some of the mats contained Tris which is a known carcinogen!

Per Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, children are exposed to flame retardants from these nap mats as they breathe at naptime and play in areas where the mats are stored.

If your child is using a nap mat currently at their daycare or preschool or if you will soon be sending your little one, you may want to check out the following organic, non-toxic nap mat options to ensure that your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals as they rest:

Wildkin Nap Mat

Wildkin Nap Mats are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and chemical flame retardant-free.  The mats come with matching pillows and carrying sacks.  The mats meet US flammability requirements naturally and are machine washable! Check Out Wildkin Nap Mats On!

SewnNatural Nap Mat

SewnNatural on Etsy makes hand made nap mats in Canada from 100% organic cotton.  The bottom of the mats are a combination of hemp and organic cotton (hemp is super eco friendly, is 8 times stronger than cotton, more insulative, absorbent and durable).  The mats are also hand or machine washable!

SewnNatural also offers organic pillow cases and blankets.

Organic Designs Nap Mat

As of 2014, there is another company now providing safe, non-toxic nap mats! Organic Designs makes hand made nap mats in the USA from 100% certified organic cotton fabric and filled with 100% certified organic cotton filling. The nap mats come with an attached organic flannel blanket and an attached (but removable) organic cotton pillow. Their mats and blankets are also machine washable!

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  1. Lisa O.

    I purchased the SewnNatural nap mat but was told by the teacher that my daughter needs to use a nap mat that can be wiped down (to get rid of germs.) So, unfortunately my daughter has been on a Kindermat all year. I cannot find a natural nap mat that can be wiped down.

  2. happytotmom

    I would think that the requirement to be able to “wipe down” would require some type of vinyl coating. The only 2 options I could find were the ones mentioned in this post so unfortunately I don’t think there is such an item available! It’s unfortunate that the school won’t let you launder the SewnNatural mat on a regular basis to meet the requirement for the germ factor.

  3. Marisa

    I’m under that same restriction. They requested vinyl mats that can be wiped down. I haven’t found a vinyl alternative yet. But I understand their concern because last year there was actually a bed bug infestation going around school. There’s no concern about bed bugs being in vinyl unless there’s a rip or tear in a seam. While I’m still hoping to find an alternative – I thought other parents would like to know why they sometimes require this type of thing.

  4. happytotmom

    Thanks for sharing that information – very helpful to know the reason. After doing further research, I have found something that may work as an alternative – The mat’s outer covering is made of EnviroLeather – a PVC-Free Synthetic Leather®. The outer covering does not have flame retardant chemicals applied, but the olefin foam beads on the inside of the mat contain a halogen flame retardant in order to pass CAL 117 requirements. Although not organic, I think this might be a better alternative than the standard PVC mats (which also contain flame retardants in the foam).

  5. Rebecca Sievert

    I called the Pearless Plastic company last week who makes the vinyl Kindermats. I had read that they were making a safer mat filled with recycled polyester fiberfill. The woman I talked to said that they are in the works and should be available this fall. She could not tell me an exact date, but told me to call back at the end of August. In the meantime, I am having a friend make a nap mat cover (basically a pillowcase) for the vinyl one my son needs at daycare. I am also purchasing a Wildkins nap mat to snuggle with on top of that one. Currently, it is the best I can do to put another layer between his sleeping head and the vinyl mat.

  6. happytotmom

    Great to hear about the safer alternative coming soon! Thanks for sharing!

  7. tt

    I am a preschool teacher and a mother. You have the right to decide what YOUR child sleeps on! I am appalled by the behavior of those teachers. You have the right to bring in your own mat and wash it at home when you want. That is ridiculous. Regulations state the mats must be labeled with the children’s names and that children can not share or switch mats. So why would your child’s mat have to be wiped down if you purchased it and it belongs to your child only? If the center says its not allowed then its not a good center.

  8. Cheryl Ewing

    It is not the center that makes these rules. The state law says the material has to be sanitized on a daily basis. Even if the parent were to take home a mat of different material every day to wash or sanitize, how can you prevent bodily fluids from soaking through cloth or other soft materials to the floor that everyone walks on? How can you guarantee that YOUR child’s mat does not touch another child’s mat, personal belongings, or any item for that matter during storage or moving to and from storage area? Mats need to be made of safe material that can be sanitized daily.

  9. Anonymous

    Non-toxic Yoga mats ladies! That’s is the best alternative 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Community Playthings just came out with a rest mat that has:
    –No PVC, that is, no vinyl. No phthalates. No chlorinated Tris. No other fire retardant chemicals.
    –Comfortable, waterproof, and stain resistant.

  11. Sarah

    I am looking for a nap mat too, and the daycare says it must be plastic. The link for myenvirokids website above does not work. Anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? I will check out the community playthings website but wanted to see if I could find any other options. Thanks!

  12. happytotmom

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for the info on the EnviroKids link. It looks like they are no longer in business unfortunately as their facebook page and websites are gone! Community playthings does offer a great alternative as well: Free of PVC, chlorinated TRIS & fire retardants.

  13. Sarah Reinhardt

    THANK YOU!! I so appreciate that there are other parents out there paying attention to how important this issue is. I just checked out the website posted
    and I think it is a great alternative to the fabric sleep mats. Our wildkin mat worked great for the first two years, but now my 4 yo daughter wants to have a mat like “all the other kids” so I think this with a sheet is a wonderful and healthy (er) solution!! Keep sharing and changing the world, one sleep mat at a time!! xo

  14. hdayinthelife

    what are your thoughts on polyester? the wildkins mats above are stuffed with it and from what i’ve read, that’s one of the worst toxins.

  15. happytotmom

    The main ingredient used in the manufacture of polyester is ethylene, which is derived from petroleum. The environmental impact in making synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester is a concern. As a synthetic fabric, 100% organic cotton is a safer and more environmentally friendly choice. However, polyester filling is found in almost all sleeping bags (except for the other two choices listed on this page) and the main concern I have with polyester is if additional chemicals have been added. Flame retardants, stain resistant chemicals, wrinkle resistant finishes and color dyes are my main concerns due to toxicity. The most toxic part of clothing and sleep products come from these fabric treatments. None of these additional chemicals of concern have been added to the Wildkin nap mats polyester filling.

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