About Me

I am the parent of a kindergartner who has invested countless hours of research into finding healthy, non-toxic products for my child.  As a new mom, I was short on time and couldn’t believe that the information I needed was so disparate.  I have created this blog to share my findings and recommendations to help other parents save time and make informed choices during each stage of your child’s early years.

I am not a medical professional or expert, but a mom who makes it a mission to stay informed and try to make the best possible choices for my child.  When I began to educate myself on the ingredients found within children’s products, I was shocked to find that so many products on store shelves being marketed towards children contain hazardous chemicals. The statistics below are alarming:

– In many cases, our FDA standards are weaker than European Union standards and certain World Health Organization guidelines.
– The Environmental Protection Agency has only tested a few hundred of the more than 80,000+ chemicals on the Toxic Substance Control Act inventory.
– The Environmental Working Group performed a study in 2009 that found over 200 different industrial chemicals and pollutants in babies’ cord blood (see video below).

The level of US product regulation is completely inadequate and I realized that it is up to each individual consumer to ensure we are choosing the safest products for our families.

The recommendations found on this website are my own independent viewpoints.  After trying numerous products and performing extensive research, I am providing unbiased recommendations for products that we have been using with our son.  These are solely my personal opinions and viewpoints.  If you are concerned about limiting exposure to chemicals found in our children’s products, then these recommendations are for you – happy reading!


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