UV Toddler Sunglasses

There are so many cute toddler sunglasses on the market but a large majority do not offer total UVA and UVB sun protection. Sunglasses should serve to protect your child’s eyes from the sun rather than be simply a cute accessory. Did you know that children’s eyes are at increased risk for permanent eye damage from sunlight until they are 10 years old? Luckily, there are great options to protect your child’s eyes from the sun!

After reviewing the various child sunglasses available, we decided on RKS (Real Kids Shades) Toddler Shades which offer 100% UV protection. We decided on these sunglasses due to their great reviews, the adjustable, comfortable neoprene band to keep the sunglasses on and in place and their extensive product testing. For those children who wear corrective lenses, these sunglasses are also Rx capable.

Per their website, RKS products are CPSIA compliant, CE certified, FDA approved and are lead-free with no bisphenol A or phthalates. Our son has worn these with no complaints and he also looks super cute in them!! Offering total UV protection and a major cuteness factor – what more can you ask for? Check Out Real Kids Shades on Amazon.com!

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