Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottle

With sports activities and general “on the go” activities, our little guy needed a water bottle which did not have a hard straw like the Born Free cup we’ve been using.  I looked into stainless steel options and could not find one that was not made in China (if anyone finds one by chance, please let me know!).  Based on great reviews and safety standards, we decided on the Kid Basix Safe Sporter Water Bottle.  It is made from dishwasher safe, non-leaching, food grade stainless steel.  The Kid Basix website, provides the following information regarding their manufacturing practices:

We have done everything to ensure our factories, worker conditions and products are up to our standards. To do so, we visit our factories frequently. The factories are very clean, orderly and humane. Most importantly, they are ISO (International Standards of Operation) certified which is very difficult to attain and comes from an outside agency that audits for manufacturing processes and standards. Finally, we have the independent testing lab, STR, test all elements of our products from the steel and plastic compounds, to FDA and European child safety standards, to the durability of the stainless steel body – just to make sure.

For those looking into the stainless steel versus plastic option for water bottles, Kid Basix released this statement on why they created this line of drinkware:

The entire family of Kid Basix stainless steel drink ware was created in response to the growing body of emerging scientific evidence about the dangers of toxic chemicals used to make many plastics. It has been well documented that Bisphenol A (BPA) is the most worrisome of these chemicals, but other chemicals now being studied are now also cause for concern.

We chose stainless steel because it is clean, stable and durable. Because stainless steel is stable and inert, it does not interact with the foods and fluids it comes into contact with. So what you put in is what you get out. Stainless steel is also one of the most easily recycled materials on earth, making The “Safe” brand of drink ware a smart and green choice in a world trying to reduce plastic waste.

The water bottle has a protective thermoplastic, latex-free rubber sleeve on the outside to allow little hands to grip tightly and keep from getting too cold!  This material is also used on the bottom of the bottle as a coaster.   The top cover for the water bottle is made of BPA and Phthalate free plastic

I love how easy it is to clean this water bottle.  The opening of the bottle is huge so once the top is unscrewed it is super easy to clean inside.  There is a “mud cap” on the top which covers the spout and we just push it back and wash it while attached to the bottle.  Per the Kid Basix customer service team, the cap is removable but it is only intended to be removed if it gets cracked and has to be replaced with a new one.  The intention is not to be removing the top cap off the bottle to clean daily. 

There weren’t cleaning instructions included with the bottle, so I contacted their customer service team regarding both the removal of the cap and the pull spout.  For thorough pull spout cleaning, they suggest simply cleaning with the spout in the up position and then in the down position from under the cap to cover all surface area since it is not removable.

Finally, the Safe Sporter doesn’t leak which of course is a top priority!  The pull spout makes a great seal when closed and we haven’t had any leakage issues after about a month of usage so it’s definitely been a great pick for us. Check out the Kid Basix Safe Sporter on!


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