Is Your Toddler Getting The Right Nutrition?

As each stage of our child’s growth and development, I wanted to have a good guideline on what children his age should be eating.  Although most pediatricians give guidelines, I found them (and still find them in the toddler years) to be too broad.  I found good sample daily menus by age on the American Academy of Pediatrics website and have always used this as a guide to ensure I’m providing balanced nutrition and proper portion sizes for my child.

The Sample Menu for a One Year Old and Two Year Old are also available on the AAP website for reference.

We have tried very hard to avoid refined sugar and processed foods for our child.  Serving healthy, natural foods during such a critical time of brain development was a definite standard we wanted to follow.  The DailyMail article in the UK linking junk food consumption to a child’s IQ was of particular interest and may be an informative resource for others.

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