Wooden Toddler Step Stool

As our child was nearing 18 months old, holding him at the sink to wash his hands and brush his teeth was getting a bit unwieldy.  We decided it was time to purchase a step stool.  I wanted something very sturdy and tall so that he would be able to lean over the sink.  We decided on the Kidcraft Step N Store stool and have been very pleased in the year of use that it has gotten so far!  A few things to be aware of is that it is heavier than most step stools which is great for sturdiness but it’s not a stool that we move from the potty to the sink continually.  We have a separate stool for the potty now.

We did buy non-slip bathtub adhesives and cut a strip for each foot of the stool to ensure it did not slip/move around when stepped on.  We also placed 4-5 thin strips on the top of the stool.  These have worked like a charm.  The step stool is made in China of rubberwood and MDF which may be a concern as formaldehyde is often used in the MDF manufacturing process.  However, Kidcraft has issued a product quality and safety statement on their website.

Check out the Kidkraft Step ‘N Store on Amazon.com!

For an option when your child is a bit taller/older, the shorter Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool is a great choice. It is made of 100% pesticide-free bamboo and is eco-friendly (made of sustainable bamboo). It has gotten rave reviews online and if your child is not tall enough for it yet to be used as a sink stool, it would be a great choice for a potty step stool. Check Out The Growing Up Green Wooden Step Stool On Amazon.com!

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